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It’s been a while since I’ve blogged — probably about six years. I wrote about design, like every other designer in the world. At some point I ran out of things to say, or at least the desire to say it. On a semi-related note, I picked up a camera (in the serious way) about four years ago and it’s grabbed a hold of me ever since. Over those four years I’ve accumulated some thoughts/opinions (mostly related to photography) that got me interested in writing again.

One thing I really enjoyed about the design blogging space is that it ran the gamut in subject material. You’d have the typical rudimentary how-to articles, but you’d also have the esoteric, conceptual and sometimes introspective writings about the practice. Photography blogs have camera reviews (conveniently containing affiliate links), portfolio showcases and technique tutorials. Yeah, that’s a generalization. But in all honesty, there are far too few photography blogs that write about all the other stuff about photography that isn’t about what gear to buy or how to use the gear we just bought. That other stuff ends up being a lot. I’d argue that delving into the esoteric, conceptual and introspective aspects of photography are far more compelling and necessary than they are for design. 

I’m going to write about these subjects because there isn’t enough of it (at least that I could find). I also want to write just to help codify ideas rattling around in my head. So if I’m the only person who ends up reading what I write (and to be honest, there’s a strong likelihood of that), my hope is that I’ll end up being a better photographer because of it. Or not, we’ll see.

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